We all find ourselves stuck in areas of our life from time to time. This is just part of the human experience. But by being stuck in areas of our life we’re being robbed of opportunities.

These could be financial, friendship, relationship, or just life experiences.

In today’s talk I walk us through 3 simple tips that will help you from being stuck and overwhelmed to igniting the flame with momentum. The key is not that you “get” stuck, it’s how long you STAY stuck. 

The objective is to get yourself OUT of feeling like the next step is so monumental that taking that next step feels impossible. 


The only way to try to get some momentum kickstarted so you can feel like you’ve got some movement it to take your next step and break it down until it’s almost stupid easy.  Meaning it’s almost laugh able how easy it is.  BUT the key thing is that you’ve made your next step so simple that taking action almost seems effortless.

An example of this would be if you find getting on social media to start marketing your business seem so massive and daunting that every time you think about it you get overwhelmed. Discouragement sets in. That sick feeling in your stomach starts to churn.

Instead of just stopping you in your track and walking away, kicking the can down the road for another day. Decide to determine what your next step is, and then break it down to the smallest simplest action you can.

Instead of trying to take on figuring out and planning out which social media platform you should be on, how often you should post, what you should post, what the size of images you need to use, what images you should use, what you copy you should include in your post, etc.


Take a breath and let’s break this down. If your not on any social media platform make your next step this:

Hop on Google and search “The best social media platform for a small business to start on”


Don’t worry about all the other questions.  All the other angels, strategies, etc. Keep it VERY simple. This will help you accomplish the action and most of all will give you some momentum to build on.

Now that you’ve taken that action you’ll find out other actions that you’ll need to take. BUT DON’T try to take all of them on as they are.  Break them down to simple tasks just like the one above and repeat, and repeat until you can feel the momentum coming back!



Now that you’ve taken your first step this will reveal more steps that you need to take.  Don’t try to take them all at one time. This will overwhelm you and set you right back to where you were.

Just take note of what your next steps are. Maybe they’re questions that you need to research more on Google or YouTube. Maybe they’re people you need to email or connect on social media.  

Whatever the next step is make sure to BREAK IT DOWN like you did with the first step.

After you’ve done that then use an app like the Reminders app on iPhones or Todoist (I use this one) to record what your next steps are and more importantly schedule WHEN your going to plan to take on and accomplish this task.

Now not only do you have a list of broken down next steps that you need to take BUT you’ve also scheduled when your doing to do them. Make sure to spread them out over the day or couple of days.

This will make you feel less overwhelmed and it’s off your mind because you don’t have to remind yourself to do it. The app will remind you that you need to do the next step.

In the membership area for those who receive 1:1 coaching from me I go in to much more detail how to do this to make it super easy and efficient.


After you’ve accomplish a step and you’ve got all your next steps broken down, recorded and scheduled;  reward yourself!  You did it! You completed a step on the path to accomplishing the goal your wanting to succeed at. 

There’s nothing wrong with rewarding yourself, no matter how small the task. This also builds a habit by releasing chemicals in your brain to feel the pleasure.  This will make your brain (with you you thinking about it) want to take on and accomplish the next step.

And, just like that, you’ve got momentum behind you. Propelling you forward!




We all need inspiration. Without it everything you do seems like work from a hard labor camp.  

Search for places of inspiration.  That could be on YouTube, Magazines, Pinterest, etc. The point is you want to find things and people that inspire you. That can fill up your creative tank and get you energized to keep taking your next steps.

The best part is that you’ll see things they’re doing and determine it’s a style or feature that you could use in your business.

We all need people (whether we know them or not) that can make us feel like we supported and can go to get our tanks of creativity refilled.



In conclusion don’t let a great idea, relationship, or life experience die on the vine because it seems to overwhelming. Be demined to find what your next step is and to break it down into it’s simplest form. Then record it and schedule it. After you accomplish it, reward yourself! Lastly, surround yourself with people and sites that will continue to feed your inspiration and exactment to propel you into being a force to be reckoned with.

I hope you guys enjoy!